The First in Indonesia, Years Ahead and Always Moving Forward.

Founded in 1990, APC became the first and sole paper cup supplier to one of the major fast food restaurants in Indonesia. Having gained expertise and experience of paper cup printing and production throughout the decades, APC is turning a new leaf and bringing our business to a new level. Today, we are expanding our service to the greater market and our aim is to provide for both large and small vendors – we are reaching out not only to fast food chains and restaurants but also to cinemas,coffee shops, restaurants, food caterers, paper product dealers and supermarkets alike.

At APC, we believe that everyone should have a good paper cup in their hands.

For our clients, the environment and our country

AT PT Anugerah Papercup Indonesia it is our commitment to meet the demands of today’s fast growing market through creative innovation and quality products. We are equipped with a dedicated team and highly efficient production to provide the best service and packaging solutions to our clients, the environment and to our country.

Company Philosophy

How Green Is My Cup?

In APC, “How Green is my Cup?” is a measure of the quality standards of our products. We believe that as part of society, we have a responsibility in taking into account our role and impact on the community as well as the environment and thus, we take several steps to ensure that our products are as “green” as possible.